Instant Cash & Check

Enter a new age of financial transactions with the Instant Cash & Check card. When you use your Instant Cash & Check card to make a purchase wherever VISA® is accepted, the amount is automatically deducted from your checking account. Just like a check - only much easier! The Instant Cash & Check card can replace your checkbook in most situations. Use your card for everything you do everyday: shopping, groceries, travel, and dining out!

When you add up all the advantages of your NSFCU Instant Cash & Check card - like fast, easy and convenient access to your funds virtually anytime and anywhere - there's no doubt it's a winner. Can it get any better? Absolutely.

Your NSFCU Instant Cash & Check card also offers you the ability to get cash back when making purchases at millions of participating retail locations.

Key Benefits

  • Your Instant Cash & Check card gives you global access to your deposit account without a checkbook or the hassles of check-writing and check approval.
  • Enjoy worldwide ATM access to your Share Savings and Checking accounts at over 350,000 ATMs serviced by the Instant Cash, Plus and Cirrus networks.
  • ATM Fee and Surcharge FREE transactions at all NSFCU ATMs: NSFCU Drive-Thru (85 Outer Drive), Finland Coop (6648 Hwy 1, Finland), NSFCU Office Entryway  (Highway 61, Lutsen), and NSFCU Office Drive-Up (Highway 61, Grand Marais).
  • Member Select PIN. Choose your own Personal Identification Number.

Here's how your Instant Cash & Check card works:

Make a purchase and get cash back too: Simply choose "Debit" when making your purchase at participating retail locations, enter your four-digit PIN code and choose the amount of cash back you would like. This option is a great way to get cash and avoid unnecessary ATM fees.

Make a purchase only: Choose "Credit" to deduct just the purchase amount from your account. Some retail locations will default their system to a debit transaction, if this occurs, simply select "Cancel" and then "Credit" to continue with your transaction. You will then be prompted to sign for your purchase. The amount of the purchase only will be deducted from your account and you will not have the option to receive additional cash back.

Get cash only: Use your four-digit PIN code to withdraw cash, make transfers, check your balance, or even make deposits at thousands of ATMs worldwide. Be sure to use the NSFCU Surcharge Free ATMs listed above whenever possible to save yourself money!


  • No Monthly Card Fee!
  • $1.00 Fee for ATM Transactions (withdrawals) at ATMs not owned by NSFCU (ATM owner may assess a surcharge for use of their ATM).
  • FREE Unlimited Purchase Transactions up to your available account balance.

To report your NSFCU Instant Cash & Check Card lost or stolen, please call 1-800-535-8440, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For NSFCU Instant Cash & Check Card Member Service please call either credit union office between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Safety Tips

Please follow these steps to help prevent unauthorized card use:

  • Sign the back of your card upon receipt.
  • Memorize your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Do NOT write it on the back of your card or keep it with you. Never give out your PIN to anyone.
  • Safeguard your account number. Always obtain merchant receipts and destroy carbons if any. Remember to pick up your ATM receipts before leaving the ATM.
  • If you lose your card or it it is stolen, call 1-800-535-8440 immediately.




Let Annie Show You How to Use your NSFCU Instant Cash & Check Card!
Click on the above YouTube link to watch a short fun video showing you the best way to use your NSFCU Instant Cash & Check card!

Did You Know?
You can access any ATM located within a Wells Fargo branch location with no surcharge fee from Wells Fargo. ATM surcharge fees can add up quickly when traveling outside of our membership area. Take advantage of this added NSFCU benefit whenever you can.

Snowbirds: Is there a Wells Fargo ATM where you winter? This benefit will work great for you too!