Patronage Reward Program

Each year North Shore Federal Credit Union celebrates its success by returning earnings to our members in the form of a Patronage Reward. Approximately $300,000 is returned to members annually, bringing the grand total in 2016 to more than $3.7 million!

The Patronage Reward is divided equally between borrowers and savers and is pro-rated based on the amount of interest paid on loans or interest earned on savings for each member. The more each member saves or borrows with NSFCU, the larger their Reward.

Patronage Rewards are credited on December 31st of each calendar year to each member's special Patronage Reward account that earns a very attractive 10.00% apr*. Members are free to withdraw the funds or leave them in the account to earn this high rate of interest.

The Patronage Reward program is just another example of the benefits of membership with NSFCU.

* Annual Percentage Rate - subject to change.



Paying It Forward
 Looking for a unique opportunity to help a local community organization? NSFCU has established the Patronage Reward Giving Program which allows NSFCU members to donate any balance currently held in their Patronage Reward account to any designated Community Advantage non-profit organization.

This program enables community organizations the opportunity to bring in substantial donation dollars to establish an endowment and/or cover costs of the valuable services and programs that their organization provides to the community.

Consider paying it forward.
Donate your Patronage Reward to the participating organization of your choice.

Click Here for a list of participating organizations.