NSFCU ATM Locations

Convenient cash access at NSFCU ATMs

North Shore Federal owns and operates eight automatic teller machines (ATMs) within the NSFCU membership area.

The locations are:
  • the second drive up lane at our Silver Bay office (available 24-7)
  • the second drive up lane at our Lutsen office (available 24-7)
  • the second drive up lane at our Grand Marais office (available 24-7)
  • the second drive up lane at our Two Harbors office (available 24-7)
  • inside the Finland Co-op Store in Finland (available during Finland Co-op Hours)
  • inside the Grand Portage Trading Post in Grand Portage (available during Trading Post Hours)
  • 2 ATMs inside the Grand Portage Casino (available during Casino hours)

In addition to the surcharge-free ATMs above, NSFCU members also have access to thousands of additional surcharge-free ATMs nationwide through the CU-24 Network..

Can't get to an ATM machine?

When you don't have access to an ATM or an ATM that doesn't charge you a fee, you can get cash back at most merchants when making a purchase with your NSFCU Visa Debit Card.

Just remember to choose "DEBIT" when making your purchase (rather than credit) and you will be prompted for your four-digit PIN and have the opportunity to select the amount of cash you would like to receive back with your purchase.

Another great benefit of the NSFCU Visa Debit Card!