North Shore Hunger Hero

Calling all heroes!

Up here, nobody should go hungry
At North Shore Federal Credit Union, we know that pleas to end hunger don’t always hit home. It’s easy to think that hunger is a problem somewhere else. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. It’s a big problem on the North Shore too. The reasons our neighbors may struggle to feed their families are complicated and many, but we can do something about it.

Become a North Shore Hunger Hero
Whenever we have asked you, our members, to support people in our community, you’ve come through with flying colors. Every time. That’s why we know you’ll join us in becoming a North Shore Hunger Hero. It’s a simple challenge: we are asking our members to pledge a monthly donation to our North Shore Hunger Hero initiative. ALL proceeds will be donated to the Food Shelves in Cook County, Silver Bay and Two Harbors and the Backpack food programs in Lake Superior and Cook County School systems.

Any gift amount helps. $1 each month adds up, $10 adds up even faster. The bottom line is that your donations will help double the annual funding of these programs.

Throughout the year, NSFCU will have various promotions to encourage participation in this program including matching donation opportunities as well as drawings to award our Hunger Hero participants! These promotional events will be run annually in March, July and December!

Your part is simple
The next time you visit a branch, just tell us you want to be a North Shore Hunger Hero. Sign your name to a permission slip, designate a dollar amount and we will do the rest. Even easier, sign up online through NSFCU E Branch under "My Account".  

As a team of North Shore Hunger Heroes, we can help end hunger in our communities. How cool is that?


We’re really excited about our North Shore Hunger Hero initiative. North Shore Federal Credit Union has always gone beyond what members expect from a credit union by supporting hundreds of community organizations.

Many of our community efforts are focused on ending hunger along the North Shore. We are primary sponsors of the Backpack Food Program in Lake Superior and Cook County school systems, which sends meals home with kids each weekend. We also provided seed money for Ruby’s Pantry, which has been a great success in Silver Bay and Grand Marais. We’re proud to be North Shore Hunger Heroes, and we hope you’ll join us.


Show Your Hunger Hero Pride

All Hunger Hero donors will receive a "Proud to be a Hunger Hero" vinyl window cling. Display your Hunger Hero Pride and encourage your friends and neighbors to join the initiative!