Pocket 2 Pocket

Square up with family & friends in a snap.

Pocket 2 Pocket (P2P) allows you to send money to your family and friends using your NSFCU Visa Debit Card instantly for FREE. It's as simple as knowing the recipient's cell phone number or email address. Available as part of the NSFCU App or NSFCU E-Branch, you enter your recipients information, the amount of the transfer and your NSFCU Visa Debit Card. Your recipient receives notice of the transfer and can immediately receive the funds by debit card, or within 2-3 days via electronic deposit (ACH).

For frequent transfers, you have the option of setting up a password and saving your information for future use. In addition, if the recipient does not accept the money within 10 days, the transaction will automatically be refunded to the sender's account. This service is highly secure with trusted user interface and patented scrambled PIN pad technology.