Paying bills has never been easier, more convenient or so easy to control!

E-Pay is Electronic Bill Payment and if you're a member with a NSFCU checking account and are receiving your monthly statements electronically --- you are eligible for this free automated service!

Once you initially set up your payees and payments, paying your bills will be a breeze with E-Pay! You can choose to pay any bill you have through E-Pay. Some payees may be more specific to you and some are more common and may be available through our list of global payees. You control which bills are to be paid, the payment amount, and when the payments are transferred from your account. Each month you will receive 15 free payments with only a small fee for subsequent payments.

As part of our electronic package of services, you will find access to E-Pay and E-Statements within NSFCU E-Branch. Convenience, easy to use and a service that saves you time are just a few reasons you may want to use E-Statements & E-Pay today!