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NSFCU's eVenture account is designed to provide members with a fully electronic account relationship - all the services and tools required to electronically manage your financial needs with NSFCU.  

Key Features and Benefits

  • Instant Cash & Check card with eVenture Rewards
    eVenture Rewards provides 0.50% cash back on all Instant Cash & Check credit or debit transactions - up to $5.00 per month / $60.00 annually!
  • Free Cash Back with PIN based debit transactions at participating merchants
  • Free ATM transactions at all NSFCU owned ATMs
  • Free E-Deposit - Deposit checks electronically with your smart phone or through E-Branch
  • Free Electronic Safe Deposit Storage Space - 25gb of Free storage space to upload and securely store your important documents. Larger blocks of space are available for a fee.
  • E-Branch access with E-Statements, E-Pay and Text Message Banking
  • No Annual fee Line of Credit available - write yourself a loan
  • No minimum balance requirement

eVenture Reward funds will be deposited directly to the member's Patronage Reward Share Account at each month end. The funds are available for withdrawal or can remain in the Patronage Reward Share account to earn a variable 10.00% annual percentage yield!

eVenture accounts will have the ability to purchase and use traditional paper checks but will incur a charge for each check clearing their account.

E-Deposit App Downloads:

iPhone Click Here

Android Click Here

*Fees may apply to the e-deposit feature for non-eVenture members.


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Simply living on the North Shore, you're already a step ahead of most folks. So when it comes time to venture out into that big, awesome world of adventure out there, take comfort. At NSFCU, we offer the electronic banking services equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. So you can follow your internal compass wherever it leads you, knowing your accounts are instantly accessible from virtually anywhere.

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