Coming Soon! Redesigned NSFCU Visa Card with Enhanced Security!

In the next few weeks, all NSFCU Visa Credit Cards will be reissued with a newly designed card outfitted with EMV chip technology. EMV is micro-chip technology that provides increased security capability with a small metallic square on the front of the card that encrypts card information and prevents fraud. The new EMV cards will also include the magnetic strip, giving you dual-purpose technology to enhance your purchasing capabilities. This means members will be able to use the EMV chip at retailers who support EMV processing, and the magnetic strip at all other locations.

Watch for your redesigned NSFCU Visa Card to arrive in early August!

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Security Comes in Both Large & Small Methods!

NSFCU is always working to provide the utmost security for your accounts and information. Some methods include layers of state-of-the-art firewall protection on our computers, other methods are more simple, like setting up a Privacy Code on your account.

Similar to a PIN for your ATM/Debit card, a Privacy Code is a bit of information known only to you that NSFCU can use to identify you as the accountholder. It can be a numerical code, a pet's name, your favorite restaurant, anything that you can easily remember when asked.

If you haven't established a Privacy Code on your account, please contact your local branch office today to get one set up.