We're definitely not like the other guys.

2015 Patronage Rewards Distributed to Members!

North Shore Federal does a lot of things different that sets us apart from the other guys. Rewarding our Members with earnings from another successful year is just one of them.

2015 will mark the 20th consecutive year that NSFCU will award a Patronage Reward - returning our earnings back to our Members. NSFCU awarded $300,000 back to Members this year bringing the grand total to more than $3.4 million returned!

Check out your December 2015 statement (Share S-99999) for your Patronage Reward amount!

It's a big world out there. Don't worry.
Everything you need is right here.

Simply living on the North Shore, you're already a step ahead of most folks. So when it comes time to venture out into that big, awesome world, take comfort. At NSFCU, we offer the remote banking tools equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. So you can follow your internal compass wherever it leads you.

Plus, you'll earn eVenture Cash Back Rewards!
Earn up to $60 annually when making purchases with your NSFCU debit card!

eVenture. Here. There. Everywhere.

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2015 Tax Document

If you receive paper statements from NSFCU, your 2015 Year-End Tax Information will be included in your December 2015 Statement mailing. Please be sure to save this information for your records.

If you receive Electronic Statements from NSFCU, a paper version of your 2015 Year-End Tax Information will be mailed to you in early January.
You may also access an electronic version of your tax forms through E-Branch under the E-Documents Tab.