About Us

Get to know us.

North Shore Federal Credit Union is a financial services cooperative. While we offer all the products and services of a bank, our non-profit structure has some real benefits for our membership. Because we are a non-profit organization, you will immediately notice how our interest rates, for both loans and deposits, are clearly better than what is available elsewhere in our local marketplace. As well, our fees are less and we provide more services without cost. Additionally, we have an annual Patronage Reward that distributes excess revenues back to the members based on participation in their credit union.

Another unique aspect of credit unions is their democratic structure. Because the members of a credit union own their credit union, they elect a volunteer Board of Directors to serve as the top level of management. Each member has one vote to cast, regardless of financial standing.

Most importantly, because we are organized not for profit but for service, you will receive uncommonly good service when you come to North Shore Federal. Our staff takes pride in the level of service they provide to our entire membership. I am confident you will be satisfied with the service you receive from North Shore Federal. In fact, I guarantee it; if you ever have a problem or suggestion you may contact me directly at CassieE@northshorefcu.org and I will personally see to it.

Again, welcome to North Shore Federal Credit Union.


Cassie Ernest