Small Change

Small Changes Make a Big Difference.

At North Shore Federal Credit Union, we've learned that small changes add up to a big difference in our member's financial lives. Introducing Small Change, a simple easy program to help you start a regular savings habit. These two, easy steps can be the foundation for building your nest egg.

Round Up!
This feature offered at NSFCU allows you to "round up" your debit card transactions to the nearest dollar. The difference between the actual transaction amount and the nearest dollar will be deposited into the NSFCU account of your choice (excluding the Patronage Reward account, sorry!) at the end of every business day. Watch your savings grow daily!

Rate Review
NSFCU typically has some of the lowest loan rates that can be found anywhere. Meet with one of our Financial Service Representatives and allow them to prepare an Interest Comparison for you. This comparison will calculate whether we can save you money by offering a lower interest rate or lower monthly payment on your loans. If desired, we can set up an automatic monthly transfer to place the amount of your monthly savings into the same designated NSFCU round up account.

Two simple ways to save money without even thinking about it. Contact us today to begin making Small Changes!