Membership Eligibility

Who can join.

A person, club, partnership, organization, or corporation will be considered a member when a minimum deposit of $10.00 has been made to a Share Savings Account. The field of membership shall be open to those having the following common bond:

  • Persons who live, worship, work, regularly conduct business in or attend school in Lake, Cook, or Southern St. Louis Counties, Minnesota,
  • Surviving spouses of persons who died while within the field of membership of the credit union, or
  • Immediate family members of current Credit Union members.

NSFCU Membership Area Map

We will accomplish our mission in an atmosphere of trust, respect and integrity for all involved while maintaining and improving our employer-of-choice status in each North Shore Federal Credit Union community.

Once you become a member at North Shore Federal Credit Union you're always a member. Even if you move out of the area, get a new job, or whatever life changes happen. Until you close your account, your eligibility remains.