North Shore Hunger Heroes

Calling all Hunger Heroes... because up here, nobody should go hungry.

At North Shore Federal Credit Union, we know that pleas to end hunger don’t always hit home. It’s easy to think that hunger is a problem somewhere else. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. It’s a big problem on the North Shore too. The reasons our neighbors may struggle to feed their families are complicated and many, but we can do something about it.

July Hunger Hero Campaign Going On NOW! Thank You Hunger Heroes!

July is more than just summer fun in Minnesota - it's another opportunity for food shelves to have their donations matched through participating programs. That's why NSFCU will be making another round of donations to our local food shelves through our North Shore Hunger Hero initiative.

PLUS, as a way of saying THANKS to our Hunger Heroes, we will awarding one lucky Hunger Hero with $500 in July! All members who are signed up for a monthly Hunger Hero donation will automatically be entered into a drawing to win $500 CASH at the end of July! By helping to end hunger in our communities you just might put some cash back in your own pocket too! How cool is that?

Become a North Shore Hunger Hero

Whenever we have asked you, our members, to support people in our community, you’ve come through with flying colors. Every time. That’s why we know you’ll join us in becoming a North Shore Hunger Hero. It’s a simple challenge: we are asking all NSFCU members to pledge a monthly donation to our North Shore Hunger Hero initiative. ALL proceeds will be donated to the local food shelves as well as the Backpack food programs in Lake Superior and Cook County School systems and community food distributor Ruby's Pantry.

Any gift amount helps. $1 each month adds up, $10 adds up even faster. The bottom line is that your donations will help to double the annual funding of these programs.

Your part is simple

The next time you visit a branch, just tell us you want to be a North Shore Hunger Hero. Designate a dollar amount, sign your permission and we will do the rest. Even easier, sign up online through NSFCU E-branch under "My Account". Either way only takes a few seconds.

Throughout the year, NSFCU will hold promotional events encouraging participation in this program including matching donation opportunities and drawings for our Hunger Hero members! These promotional events will be run annually in March, July and December!