Savings Accounts

Become a new member for just $10.00

Opening a share account activates your membership and establishes your share of ownership in North Shore Federal Credit Union. With a minimum $10 deposit, the so-called par value of a share, your share account preserves your membership throughout your relationship with North Shore FCU. And, much like stocks that represent ownership in a public corporation, your shares earn dividends, which are declared and paid monthly to your account.

And that’s it.

You’ll never be asked to pay membership fees again, and there’s no further minimum balance requirement to keep your account open. Your opening deposit to a Share Savings account gives you all the membership benefits offered by North Shore Federal - great rates on deposits and loans, Patronage Rewards, and more free services than you can imagine.

And you’ll always deposit with peace of mind – North Shore FCU Share accounts are federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund.

Holiday Savings Accounts

Set aside savings for the holidays or other special event.

Use the Holiday Savings account to save for the holidays or even a family vacation. You may withdraw the funds at any time during the year for your special event needs. Funds remaining on deposit October 31st, will be transferred to your designated account in early November - just in time for the holiday season!

There are no fees and no minimum balance requirements. To make saving easy, you can set up automatic transfers to your account and watch it grow.

Youth Advantage Savings Accounts

You're never too young to start saving.

For our youngest depositors, all that's needed to open a Youth Advantage Share Savings account is $10.00 and proof of being a kid (video games and dirty shoes never hurt). Even better, and just as easy, you can expand their financial horizons with a Youth Advantage Certificate - featuring a minimum deposit of just $25.00 and the same great rates the grown-ups get.

With either of these options, kids receive an NSFCU t-shirt at account opening. Youth Advantage Members are reminded of the importance of saving periodically through the year with special incentives and fun programs. Plus, each deposit is rewarded with a selection from the Youth Advantage Prize Box. No secret knock or handshake required.

Health Savings Accounts

Here's to good health... and peace of mind.

If you have a qualifying health insurance plan, you can establish a Health Savings Account to help meet deductible and non-covered medical expenses. Earnings in a Health Savings Account are tax free until withdrawal so the tax savings will assist in your overall savings goals.

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