Volunteer Opportunities

Get involved.

One of the main operating principals behind a credit union is that the managing Board of Directors is an elected board of volunteer members. North Shore Federal Credit Union's Board of Directors is made up of member volunteers elected at the Annual Meeting to serve in three-year term positions. The Board members represent the interests of the Credit Union membership and are responsible for setting policies and providing overall direction for NSFCU. The Board of Directors works closely with the NSFCU President to explore new ways to strengthen and advance North Shore Federal. Volunteers have skills, expertise, and knowledge that is beneficial to principals and goals of NSFCU.

In addition to the Board of Directors, North Shore Federal also utilizes a volunteer Supervisory Committee which performs routine auditing functions ensuring compliance with policies and procedures.

Members who are interested in serving as a North Shore Federal Credit Union volunteer on either the Board of Directors or Supervisory Committee must be a member in good standing, at least 18 years old and possess the necessary qualifications desired for these positions. Qualified members may submit a letter of interest including your background experience and skills to NSFCU Human Resources at PO Box 159 Silver Bay MN 55614 or email resumes@northshorefcu.org.