Certificate Rates

Plant your money in one of our certificates and watch it grow.

Share Certificates (Certificates of Deposit) offer an incredible amount of flexibility and personalization. With a higher dividend rate than a regular Share Savings account, a NSFCU Share Certificate is an attractive way to build up savings on your terms.
You can elect to transfer your dividends out each month or re-invest them in your certificate to maximize the earning potential. At the time of maturity, you can withdraw a portion or all of your funds or roll the amount into a new Share Certificate at the current market rates.

Certificate Rates
    Savings Certificates IRA/Roth IRA Certificates
Term+ Minimum APY* Dividend Rate APY* Dividend Rate
6 Months $500.00 .75% .75% .75% .75%
12 Months $500.00 1.25% 1.24% 1.25% 1.24%
18 Months $500.00 1.25% 1.24% 1.25% 1.24%
24 Months $500.00 1.75% 1.74% 1.75% 1.74%
36 Months $500.00 2.00% 1.98% 2.00% 1.98%
48 Months $500.00 2.25% 2.23% 2.25% 2.23%
60 Months $500.00 2.50% 2.49% 2.50% 2.49%
Money Market Certificate Rates
Term+ Minimum APY* Dividend Rate Dividend Method
3 Months $10,000.00 .50% .50% Compounded/Paid Monthly

* Annual Percentage Yield

Rates effective November 8, 2018. All rates subject to change.

All Savings/IRA compound and pay dividends monthly.
Youth Advantage Term Share Certificates have a $25.00 Minimum Deposit and are issued through age 21.

+ A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal

Dividends are paid from current income and available earnings, after required transfers to reserves at the end of a dividend period. Member accounts in this credit union are federally insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund.